The journey is yours. This journey of walking in time and space with a physical body and a Divine Soul. We have created programs to give you optimum choices for exploring your own personal Spiritual growth and physical clearing through Intuitive Readings and Multidimensional Healing Sessions.

Additional opportunities for growth are offered through the Intuitive Development Course and various workshops and lectures.


QuestFields is an organization committed to an individual’s discovery and development of her/his unique gifts as spirit through mind and body, and offers encouragement to be a presence to themselves and others.

The name “Quest Fields” derives from a favorite quote from Kate Di Camilliao from “The Tales of Despereau”: “A quest is so full of wonder, so full of hope…a quest is to feel compelled to do the thing, the impossible important task at hand…”. And “Fields” conjurs an expanse of space and different terrains to explore.