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This is undisclosed text. The fact is that Patice does psychic readings and psychic healing. She also believes intrinsically that there is a little psychic in everyone. So while she doesn't commune with the spirits, she is a happy medium. Don't believe in psychics and mediums? Give Patrice a try. Call her for your psychic reading, psychic healing session or psychic training cours.

Patrice Connelly


Patrice Connelly founded Quest-Fields Inc. in 1984. She is Director of both Quest-Fields Inc. and The Institute of Quest-Fields. She is a metaphysical teacher of Intuitive Development and conducts private readings and metaphysical healing sessions both in person and by telephone. She has studied Huna and many diverse forms of healing techniques.

As a spiritual guide and International speaker, her work has taken her to Sacred sites of Europe, conflict resolution work in Israel-Palestine and work with women in China.