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Course Tapes

Tapes for Wednesday classes can be downloaded HERE. Ask Trice for the password.
Many Thanks to Scott Helgeson!!!

This is undisclosed text. The fact is that Patice does psychic readings and psychic healing. She also believes intrinsically that there is a little psychic in everyone. Don't believe in psychics and mediums? Give Patrice a try. Call her for your psychic reading, psychic healing session or psychic training cours.

Intuitive Development Courses

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This course is based on the premise that each individual agrees to participate as a student to learn more about themselves, their interactions and the impact they have both on themselves and others. The contents of the course are intended to be tools for each student's own personal and Spiritual development.

This Intuitive Development Course is divided into three segments, each segment taking 8 weeks to complete (one session per week).

Body/Spirit Connection

  • Physical Grounding
  • Identification of Energy Centers
  • Functions & Purpose of Energy Centers
  • Physical & Pyschic Boundaries
  • Aligning with Intuitive Gifts


  • Identify personal strengths, address vulnerabilities
  • Blocks: How they are created & how to remove them
  • Dynamics of Relationships
  • How to obtain your goals


  • Review course material of the first two segments
  • Deepening Spiritual & Intuitive gifts
  • The ethics and practice of Intuitive reading


  • Origins of the earth and our galaxy.
  • Myths, opinions and beliefs.
  • The Cosmic Clock
  • Rudolph Steiner's Spiritual Hierarchy
  • Mayan information

7 Rays

  • Explores the vibrations of all Creation both in lecture format and experience.


  • Explores the Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Emotional imbedded patterning of old dynamics and ways to transform them.

2013 Fall & Winter Schedule

Divine Women

a special four session seminar: October 9,16,23,30. $50.00 per class. Please let me know if you are interested at 651-222-8282.
Date: October 9,16,23,30, 7:30pm-9:30pm
Location: 375 Colborne, St. Paul, Mn

Fourth Drumbeat for Change Gathering

a special event seminar: November 1, 2013. suggested $25.00 donation to the Food Shelf.
Date: November 1,2013 7:30pm-9:30pm
Location: 941 W.7th, St. Paul, Mn

Beginning Intuitive Development:

has been rescheduled to 2014.
Cost: per session is $50.

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  • Body/Spirit Connection - $760
  • Mind/Body/Spirit - $760
  • Body/Mind/Spirit - $760
  • Healing Course - $285
  • Cosmology Course - $570

Coming Soon:
Remote Classes

With the introduction of Skype and other technologies, Patrice and Quest-Fields Inc are actively assessing the logistics of holding remote classes for students in multiple simultaneous locations (webcam multi-casting). If you have suggestions for conducting remote courses, or would be interested in using this format, please let us know: Contact Us


"I knew one of my twin daughters was going to die as I carried her from the delivery room into the nursery. Six weeks alter she passed away from birth defects. There were other times in my life when I knew somthing was going to happen before it did.

Through the Intuitive Development Course I have come to understand there are more advanced ways of communicating. I also know each person possesses gifts that enhance this level of communication. Gifts which need to be recognized and understood. We are then able to tap into our abilities and effectively communicate within ourselves and with others. This consciousness is what keeps me active in Quest-Fields Inc."
-Daniel Hunter

"In Patrice's Intuitive Development Classes she connects the esoteric to everyday life. Her teaching bridges the spiritual and the practical through the physical body. I highly recommend her classes."
-Martha Osterberg,L.I.C.S.W.