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The fact is that Patice does psychic readings and psychic healing. Patrice also believes intrinsically that there is a little psychic in everyone. Give Patrice a try. Call her for your psychic reading, psychic healing session or psychic training cours.

Intuitive Reading Sessions

Intuitive Reading Sessions are conducted with humor, clarity, honesty and integrity. You may experience any of the following in a private Intuitive Reading session:

  • Connecting more deeply with your grounding.

  • Clearing blocked and/or negative energy within your space.

  • Addressing old, out-moded patterns and releasing the appropriate layers for clearer alignment through your Etheric Field, Emotional Field, Mental Field and Intuitive Field.

  • Receiving practical information from your Energy Centers to continue the work of aligning your Basic Self, your Consciousness and your Higher self to achieve your desired goals.

  • Explore the patterns you've set up for the future.

Select here for Online Payment:

  • 1 hour session - $150
  • 2 hour session - $250
Intuitive Reading sessions may also be conducted over the telephone. And we now offer Skype sessions with full webcam sessions. So remote sessions are now fully available.


"Working with Patrice Connelly and QuestFields has opened a window into my inner life that I was barely aware of before. The intuitive reading that Patrice did for me showed me how I got to where I am today. The coursework on Intuitive Development through QuestFields is opening me up even more to my intuitive side and allowing me to integrate my inner and outer worlds.

QuestFields offers a loving, safe, supportive and mirthful environment. I am happier, more grounded, and more hopeful than I have been in a long time."

-Carol Campbell