Intuitive Development Course

This course is based on the premise that each individual agrees to participate as a student to learn more about themselves, their interactions and the impact they have both on themselves and others. The contents of the course are intended to be tools for each student’s own personal and Spiritual development.

This Intuitive Development Course is divided into three segments, each segment taking 8 weeks to complete (one session per week).

Body/Spirit Connection

  • Physical Grounding
  • Identification of Energy Centers
  • Functions and Purpose of Energy Centers
  • Physical and Pyschic Boundaries
  • Aligning with Intuitive Gifts


  • Identify personal strengths, address vulnerabilities
  • Blocks: How they are created and how to remove them
  • Dynamics of Relationships
  • How to obtain your goals


  • Review course material of the first two segments
  • Deepening Spiritual and Intuitive gifts
  • The ethics and practice of Intuitive reading

Please contact Patrice at [email protected] or (651) 222-8282 for more information.